Deadbeat Retreat 2018 Event Coverage

The 2018 Deadbeat Retreat is officially a wrap! This year was crazy, the new venue, the bands, bike games, cops, all rolled into 24 hours after months of planning.

This year we took over the Iron Tails Saloon and the adjacent 16 acre fairgrounds across the street. With camping and bike games taking place in the fairgrounds and bands, vendors and stunt shows over at the bar. The new place was huge and has so much room to grow. Let’s just hope we are welcome back for next year.

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-15
Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-16

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-8

This crazy group stopped on the Zakim Bridge to take a photo in the middle of the highway!

Check out some of the bikes that camped below:

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-7

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-24

Mr Bruce’s permanent souvenirs!

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-25

A few hot rods rolled in to join in on the action.

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018

Cooling off in the lake.

The Chopper show this year took place in a lighted barn that turned out to be perfect for photos. The 69 Speed Boys layed down some ink in the barn and kept the music going well into the night. We’re told things got a little crazy in the barn at night but you had to be there to get those details….like we’ve said before if you know you know.

Check out some photos of the Chopper Show below:

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-11
Deadbeat Retreat 2018-937966015_10214931507498829_6858864606215929856_n
Deadbeat Retreat 2018-1138023570_10214931509778886_2155417414668386304_nDeadbeat Retreat 2018-5
Deadbeat Retreat 2018-6
Deadbeat Retreat 2018-7Deadbeat Retreat 2018-8Deadbeat Retreat 2018Deadbeat Retreat 2018-10chopper2chopperDeadbeat Retreat 2018-12

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-10

Things got weird inside the barn at night, I’m not sure what’s going on here.

New this year we added a stunt show from the Deadbeat Stunt Division. Here’s Mark, TJ, and Jay letting it rip:

Deadbeat Retreat 2018-16Deadbeat Retreat 2018-17Deadbeat Retreat 2018-18Deadbeat Retreat 2018-19Deadbeat Retreat 2018-20Deadbeat Retreat 2018-21Deadbeat Retreat 2018-22Deadbeat Retreat 2018-23

Deadbeat Retreat 2018-27

TJ & Jay burning it down.

Deadbeat Retreat 2018-29

This guys stoked!

The Acton Maine Fairgrounds typically host tractor pulls, the covered roof and stadium seating made for the perfect location for this years bike games.

Check out the slow race, keg push, and infamous kickstart race:

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-23
Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-22Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-5

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-9

Backwards in a Ural is not a good idea!

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-6Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-13

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-17

Pants optional

Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-18


kick 2

Timmy takes this shit serious, reigning undefeated kickstart champ!

Nate Haskins ended up taking home Peoples Choice for best Chopper. He didn’t disappoint the crowd and banged some gears inside for everyone.


Deadbeat Retreat People 2018-19

Bar Burnouts!



Last call Bonfire.


Chopper show got a little foggy at night.


Cops are here! Party’s Over.

Thanks to everyone that came out and made this year the biggest retreat yet. We hope to see y’all again next year.

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