Deadbeat Stunt Division at Seacoast Harley Davidson

Slaying Tires

The Deadbeat Stunt Division had there first local show in over a year at Seacoast Harley Davidson over the weekend. The crowd showed up for this one, the shows were packed, and the weather was perfect.

Here’s an edit we threw together, check it out:


Photos from the event:

Seacoast Final_Seacoast Final_-2

Seacoast Final_-3

Mark Roberto Knee Knocking

Seacoast Final_-5Seacoast Final_-6Seacoast Final_-7Seacoast Final_-8

Seacoast Final_-16

TJ getting the crowd involved

Seacoast Final_-9Seacoast Final_-10Seacoast Final_-11

Seacoast Final_-12

Slaying Tires

Seacoast Final_-13Seacoast Final_-15Seacoast Final_-17Seacoast Final_-14Seacoast Final_-18Seacoast Final_-19Seacoast Final_-20

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