Matchlight Motorcycle Show 2018 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Matchlight Motorcycle Show was held for the first time last weekend in the city of Eindhoven. This show brought handpicked custom built motorcycles from all over Europe together at the Old Philips Factory. It also showcased custom art and photography connected to the motorcycle culture.

The talent that filled the room and the streets outside the factory was incredible. The time and effort put into each motorcycle build showed and everyone who attended was impressed.

The show was filled with a variety of choppers, bobbers, pans, shovels, and knuckleheads. It was a fun filled day of motorcycles, music, art , and great company!

The turnout for the event was great, everyone had a blast, and I think Wing Mok, the host and organizer of this awesome event, needs to make sure it happens again next year!

Check out some pictures from the Matchlight Motorcycle Show Below from Photographer Michael Raushcher @Glatzzo

Matchlight Lightroom UpdateMatchlight Lightroom Update-26Matchlight Lightroom Update-25Matchlight Lightroom Update-24Matchlight Lightroom Update-23Matchlight Lightroom Update-22Matchlight Lightroom Update-21Matchlight Lightroom Update-20Matchlight Lightroom Update-19Matchlight Lightroom Update-18Matchlight Lightroom Update-17Matchlight Lightroom Update-16Matchlight Lightroom Update-15Matchlight Lightroom Update-14Matchlight Lightroom Update-13Matchlight Lightroom Update-12Matchlight Lightroom Update-11Matchlight Lightroom Update-10Matchlight Lightroom Update-9Matchlight Lightroom Update-8Matchlight Lightroom Update-7Matchlight Lightroom Update-6Matchlight Lightroom Update-5Matchlight Lightroom Update-4Matchlight Lightroom Update-3Matchlight Lightroom Update-2

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