Harley Davidson Black and Gold Fork Tubes

The Custom Cycle Engineering Black Fork Tubes for Harley’s are a product we’re pretty excited about. These have a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the fork tubes (yes, the same stuff that’s on your hand guns and fancy watches) that provides a low friction, corrosion resistant, hard finish. This strong but thin coating won’t jeopardize the performance of your suspension.

If the black fork tubes aren’t your style then don’t worry, Custom Cycles Engineering also offers Titanium Nitride coated gold Harley Davidson Fork Tubes. Titanium Nitride, “tinite,” provides the same low friction, wear resistant coating that the DLC does. Tinite is used to harden and protect sliding surfaces, and has a gold appearance making it perfect for motorcycle fork tubes. This coating is only .0002″ thick, that’s smaller than a piece of human hair or paper. This coating is beyond thin and it’s super tough.

We carry these in 39MM, 41MM, & 49MM. That covers Harley Davidson Sportster, FXR, Softail, and late Dyna models. Custom Cycle Engineering has been producing fork tubes for over 40 years and they have truly mastered the art of it. These are the best fork tubes in the industry and luckily for you, we carry both the black and gold Harley Davidson fork tubes right here at Deadbeat Customs.

We got our hands on the Custom Cycle Engineering black DLC coated Harley fork tubes. Check out the Deadbeat Customs YouTube Channel for an overview!

Purchase the Custom Cycle Engineering Fork Tubes in black or gold here:


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