Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday

To kick off the Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeremy Prach created Flat Out Friday with a vision to put seasoned veterans and first timers alike on the starting line. Seven motorcycle classes, over 200 bikes, and 10,000+ people make up this indoor flat track race. Get this- they all ride on a Dr. Pepper syrup soaked surface. Talk about insanity.

Thanks to Mike Dunn, we were able to get our hands on some photos of Flat Out Friday that took place this past weekend. He got some up close and personal shots of the cool bikes, fun people, and the race. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Mama Tried [FULL SET] - 126_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 001_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 125_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 095_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 073_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 065_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 060_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 057_previewMama Tried [FULL SET] - 049_preview

Photos courtesy of @mikedunnusa from @standardmotorcycleco

If you missed it this year, you definitely won’t want to miss it next year. We’ll keep an eye out for dates. For more info on Flat Out Friday and the Mama Tried Show hit the link:




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