Troglodytes & Gentlemen – 2017 TROG Coverage

For one weekend in June Wildwood, NJ is transformed into a car and motorcycle enthusiest dream. Vintage motorcycles and cars from all over the world converge to race on the beach. Beach Motel parking lots become a hot bed of choppers and hot rods. The Race of Gentlemen is such a unique event that this year I even convinced my Mom to go. It’s an event for everyone, you don’t have to be part of a certain scene or be a die hard to enjoy this event.

Friday night kicked off with “The Night of the Troglodytes,” a vintage chopper show pre-party that takes over an entire hotel (Binns Bonito).

Check out some pics from the show:

Trog 2017-2Trog 2017-3Trog 2017-4Trog 2017-5Trog 2017-6

Trog 2017-7

No shortage of beer at the night of the troglodytes.

Trog 2017-8

Trog 2017-45

The men behind TROG.

I managed to catch some video of the chopper show before the sun went down. Let me remind you that the party doesn’t really kick off til the sun sets. Hit the play button below:

Saturday and Sunday is when the racing goes down on the beach. We spent the day Saturday at the races and stayed for the bonfire Saturday night.

Trog 2017-38

Speed Thrills! The TROG Entrance

Trog 2017-40Trog 2017-37Trog 2017-36Trog 2017-35Trog 2017-34Trog 2017-33Trog 2017-32Trog 2017-31Trog 2017-30Trog 2017-29Trog 2017-28Trog 2017-27Trog 2017-26Trog 2017-25Trog 2017-24Trog 2017-23Trog 2017-22Trog 2017-20Trog 2017-19

Trog 2017-18

“Sushi” Atsushi Yasui of Freewheelers & Co.

Trog 2017-17Trog 2017-16Trog 2017-15Trog 2017-14Trog 2017-13Trog 2017-12Trog 2017-11Trog 2017-10Trog 2017-9Trog 2017Trog 2017-47Trog 2017-46Trog 2017-44Trog 2017-43Trog 2017-42

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