The Horse Smokeout Rally 2017

Another Smokeout Rally is in the books. Two days of Drag Racing, Burnouts, Wet T Shirt Contests (Candylands my favorite)…those that went you know what I’m talking about. The Smokeout also had some kick ass music from Rebel Son and the Koffin Kats. This year we brought down the Deadbeat Stunt Division who put on three stunt shows for everyone to enjoy.

Check the pics below of some of our favorite bikes:

Smokeout 2017_-16

Austin Martin Originals

Smokeout 2017_-17Smokeout 2017_-15Smokeout 2017_-14Smokeout 2017_-13Smokeout 2017_-12Smokeout 2017_-19Smokeout 2017_-11Smokeout 2017_-20Smokeout 2017_-18Smokeout 2017_-10Smokeout 2017_-9Smokeout 2017_-8Smokeout 2017_-7Smokeout 2017_-6Smokeout 2017_-5Smokeout 2017_-4Smokeout 2017_-3Smokeout 2017_-2Smokeout 2017_

It wouldn’t be a Smokeout Rally without a guy chugging beers and banging gears…

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