Introducing the Deadbeat Stunt Division

All Harley Motorcycle Stunt Team

Experienced riders can perform some amazing stunts with their bikes. They are somehow able to defy gravity and the laws of physics when they drift, perform wheelies, and other incredible stunts. Deadbeat Custom’s Stunt Division is one of the few Harley Davidson only stunt teams on the scene today. This team is packed full of talent and skill and its members are very comfortable on their finely tuned Harleys. The team consists of Dennis Slattery (@dennis_978), TJ Mccaffrey (@tjmccaffrey), and Mark Roberto (@_rarkmoberto).

The Best Show Possible

If you want a motorcycle show that will get the audience’s blood pumping, you’ve come to the right place. The Deadbeat Stunt Team is fast, professional, skilled, loud, and most of all entertaining. They keep the crowd happy and rooting for them throughout show and have done several successful performances to date. This stunt team is also covered by a comprehensive insurance policy so they’re a great fit for a show, product launch, convention, or any other type of event.

Joe Durt

Every show must have an emcee and Joe is one of the best out there. He has been a part of the motorcycle stunt scene for many years now and he knows how to keep the crowd on their feet. He’s loud, lively, and a fun guy to be around and that’s why he clicks with the audience immediately! There’s never a dull moment with Joe handling the crowd.

TJ Mccaffrey

TJ belongs on a bike. He first started riding at the age of 3 and never really stopped. His first bike was a Suzuki JR50 and he learned his ropes on it. By the age of nine, he was racing motocross and spent most of his teen years racing on his Honda CR250 (B Class). In 2014 he purchased his Harley Davidson Lowrider and he performs with it regularly now.

Dennis Slattery

Dennis didn’t start as early as TJ, but he’s no less skilled on the bike. His first ride was on a dirt bike at the age of 8 and his very first dirt bike was a Suzuki JR80. Dennis first began stunt riding on street bikes, but eventually purchased a Harley Davidson Street Bob the bike he currently rides.

Mark Roberto

Mark has over 14 years of riding experience under his belt so he’s a pro at this. He started at the age of 6 with his first dirt bike, a Yamaha PW80. He changed bikes frequently and rode 80s and 125s until he settled on Suzuki RMZ250. He purchased his Harley Superglide in August of 2016 but he’s already a natural on it. He might be the youngest rider on the team, but he’s certainly skilled enough to keep up.

The team will be riding the Appmotojam Hill Climb in the snow in the middle of January, which will surely be epic. Be sure to check @appmotojam on Instagram if you want more details.

Take a look at the team below:

For more information about the team here at Deadbeat Customs, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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