Gearing Up: Cold Weather Riding


Unfortunately for us riders, winter is here and riding in this cold weather can be very uncomfortable, especially if you’re not properly equipped. Lucky for you, you don’t need to give up the pleasure of riding simply because the temperatures have dropped. If you have the right gear, you can enjoy a few more winter rides and extend your riding season. Here are some tips on how you can gear up for cold weather rides.

You Need to Layer

Layering is the best way to protect yourself from the cold without being too uncomfortable. While layering, you still need to make sure you maintain your flexibility and ensure your movements are unhindered. Bulky coats can hamper your mobility and place you at risk during your rides. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wear warm and moisture wicking long underwear. They will protect your core and ensure that your sweat passes through and evaporates.
  • Socks will add extra protection to your feet. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your feet can become cold even inside your boots. Moisture wicking socks will keep your feet warm.
  • It’s a good idea to wear a balaclava under your helmet for extra weather protection. A balaclava will cover your entire face and only leave space for your eyes. This will protect your entire face from the cold.
  • Wear basegear pants under your normal pants or bike suit to protect your legs from the winter weather.

Jackets and Vests

Once you have your first few layers in place, you can add the final layer of protection. A good winter riding jacket will protect you from the wind and any moisture from the snow. If you feel that the temperatures are too low, you can wear a vest underneath your jacket to keep you warm.

Don’t add too many layers because that may hinder your movements and cause you to overheat. You just need to be comfortably warm in your gear. If you suspect there might be low visibility due to snow, darkness or fog, try to wear high-visibility riding gear to ensure everyone else on the road can see you.


Your fingers and hands are very vulnerable to cold temperatures so it’s vital that you protect them. The last thing you want is for them to become numb during a ride. Wear glove liners and gloves over them to maintain the flexibility of your fingers while keeping them warm. The right riding gloves shouldn’t be bulky so you won’t lose any of your grip or flexibility.


Your helmet is a crucial part of keeping warm during cold weather riding. Make sure you gear up underneath your helmet with a balaclava or neck warmer. Another thing to note while riding in the cold is that your helmet shield on a full face properly seals or that you have adequate eye protection such as goggles if you are going to stick with an open face helmet.


The final piece of the puzzle is a pair of boots that will protect your feet from the wind, snow, and cold temperatures. You can choose any kind of winter footwear you prefer as long as it allows you to operate the motorcycle smoothly.

If you want to know more about cold weather riding gear or have any questions about our services here at Deadbeat Customs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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