Fly .38 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

In this blog we take a closer look at Fly’s Open Face Helmet known as the .38. This lightweight 3/4 DOT approved helmet features a fiberglass outer shell and a hand sewn Coolmax quilted comfort liner. This helmet is available in two shell sizes XS-L and Xl-2XL, these two different shell sizes give you not only a slimmer design but also help insure a proper fit. The liner and cheek pads can be removed and washed, I personally like the fact that they left room in the cheek pad to fit either a communication system or set of speakers in the helmet easily. This helmet has three snaps in the front where you can attach a visor or bubble shield. The chin strap is padded with a D-ring.

Here are the three base colors that are available for the .38 helmet:

Gloss Black

Matte Black

Rootbeer Metalflake

Take a closer look:

The special edition paint is available in three different styles, the Scallop Black/ Yellow is a personal favorite:

Scallop Black/ Yellow

Take a closer look at the Black/ Yellow Scallop Paint Scheme:

Scallop Matte Black/ White

Red/ Black/ Orange Checkered

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