The Race of Gentlemen 2016

In June we headed to Wildwood, New Jersey with documentary filmmaker Bill Politis to cover the Race of Gentlemen also known as TROG. Our original idea was to give everyone a closer look at the motorcycle racers and machines they build and ride on the beach. When we got to the event we learned that that the Race of Gentlemen is more than just that. It’s about comradery and friendship that passionate motorcycle enthusiast who participate in this event share during a weekend of fun which they spend the entire year planning for.

Take a look at Bill’s film “Modern Miracles of Motor Mayhem” below:

The Race of Gentlemen commemorates American racing heritage and is a great tribute to the history of motorcycles and automobiles. It is hosted by the Oilers CC/MC and brings motorcycle, car, and race fans together to watch vintage bikes and automobiles race along the shore of the beach.

On Friday morning we hit the road eager to get to New Jersey in time for the Night of the Troglodytes. This is the ideal chopper party to kick off the weekend events. Choppers and people crowded the parking lot of the hotel and the good times began. There were tons of killer bikes there and some real talented people. Bikes, Beers, and a rad band made this street party the place to be.

The next morning the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to race. We walked down to the boardwalk and watched the racers start up their bikes and ride out towards the ocean. The racers were dressed in vintage gear to match their amazing racing machines and it brought us back in time. Everything at the event gave you that surreal feeling, from the vendor tents, to the flag girl, to the band that was playing.

Before the races began we got a chance to go into the pit and admire the vintage motorcycles and cars that were in the race. We also got to hang out and get to know the talented racer Nick Toscano, who builds and races vintage motorcycles.

Once the races started we sat at the starting line and watched them take off. It was unreal to see these vintage bikes fly across the beach to the finish line. The time these racers put in to making these bikes run and the customization that goes into each motorcycle is unbelievable. In between races we watched them wrench on their bikes and help each other out to get their bikes running and back out for the next race. The comradery between the racers at TROG  is unlike any race you will go to. They help each other out and share the love and admiration for vintage motorcycles, automobiles, and the history of it all.

The Race of Gentlemen had bands, food, beer, and for the first time they had The Wall of Death. The lines to watch the shows rolled along the beach and everyone that saw it ranted and raved about how awesome and crazy it was to see. This event was full of fun and stuff you have to experience!

When the races were done for the day we rested up and got ready to go the party at the Bonfire. The Bonfire on the beach was the perfect ending to the first day of TROG. We got to listen to cool bands, hang out around the fire, and talk about the races.

The second day of races they ran brackets. You could feel the excitement in the pit that day. All the racers were ready to ride and couldn’t wait to race. A few of the races we watched from a tower over the finish line and it was awesome to see the riders celebrate as they won.

The Race of Gentlemen is unlike any motorcycle event I have ever been to, I highly recommend you go if you have never been.

Take a look at some amazing photos below shot by Tara Plocharczyk on 35mm film:

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