Motorcycle Helmet Sizing

Buying a motorcycle helmet online can be challenging if you are not sure how to find the correct size and fitment for your head shape. There are many different brands and styles to choose from and that can make it difficult for customers. Here at Deadbeat Customs we want to make it nice and easy for you to order a helmet.

Follow the steps below to guide you through the motorcycle helmet purchasing process:
1. First, find a helmet that will fit the shape of your head best. There are three different helmet shapes long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval.

Long Oval – head is longer front to back than it is side to side

Intermediate Oval – head is slightly longer front to back than it is side to side. (most common head shape and most common motorcycle helmet shape) If the shape of the helmet is not listed it is usually a intermediate oval shape.

Round Oval – almost identical measurements front to back as it is side to side.

2. Then, measure the circumference of your head to find the correct size using a tape measure or string. You want to make sure to measure the largest circumference which is typically right above your eyebrows. We recommend double checking your measurements.

3. Once you have your measurements you want to match it up with the helmet size chart located in the description of each one of our helmet listings.

Below is an example of the Biltwell Helmet size chart:


4. Now you are all set to order your helmet. If you have additional questions about ordering your helmet give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are more then happy to help.

Watch our video below on how to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet:

Checking Helmet Fit:

Once you receive your helmet make sure it fits well.

  • Make sure the cheek pads are pressing against your cheeks comfortably. (cheek pads will break in somewhat)
  • Check and make sure there is no room between your temples or between the brow pads
  • You want the helmet to fit securely, but you do not want to feel pain against any pressure points.

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